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The 50 Best Michael Jackson Songs of All Time | Most Popular Songs Ever

Best Songs of Michael Jackson Ever | Most Famous Music Playlist

The 50 Best Michael Jackson Songs of All Time | Most Popular Songs Ever | Best Songs of Michael Jackson Ever | Most Famous Music Playlist: Michael Jackson had born on 29thAugust1958inIndiana He is an adept singer, a dancer as well as songwriter. Certainly, Michael considered as one of the extraordinary entertainers in the world of music. Notably, his contributions to dance, music along with fashion made him to gain popularity over four decades. Under his father’s guidance as well as encouragement, he began his career. At first, Michael’s family performs songs with his older brothers. They are Toto, Jermaine, and also Jackie, later on, Jackson joined with them. When he attained the age of 5, he started to show interest in music. In the first place, he impressed a lot of audiences with his superb skills. Michael’s brother and Michael spent more time for rehearsing and also to polishing their act.

The 50Best Michael Jackson SongsofAll Time|Most Popular SongsEver

Michael always known as “King of Pop” and he is the best selling singer in America. He started his solo with the song namely ” Off the Wall” in 1979. In the early of 1980s, he became the dominant figure in the music business. He gained large popularity through several albums. Michael continues to create many videos including “Smooth Criminal”, ” Black or White” and more. On the other hand, he became involved in controversy because of his appearance changed. In August 1994, he married a girl Lisa Marie Presley. But soon they announced their divorce. On June 25, 2009, everyone heard the saddest news that the death of Micheal.

Michael had won plenty of awards compared to other male artists in the history of music. He also did 39 Guinness World Records and this proved his multi-skilled ability. Moreover, the album ” Beat It” helped to break the barrier between white and black artists. Than other male singer, the first artist as single is to be in the top ten Billboard Hot 100.  Around the world his “moonwalk” is very popular among all. His style and sound had impressed many people still now.

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The 50Best Michael Jackson SongsofAll Time | Most Popular SongsEver

10. Thriller

9. Rock With You

8. ABC

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7. Smooth Criminal

6. Rock With You

5. Will You Be There

4. Billie Jean

3. Say Say Say

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2. Man In The Mirror

1. Beat It

The 50Best Michael Jackson SongsofAll Time|Most Popular SongsEver

Movies Name Release Date/Year
11. Black or White 1991
12. Bad 1987
13. You Rock My World 2001
14. Heal the World 1991
15. Remember The Time 1991
16. The Girl Is Mine 1982
17. They Don’t Care About Us 1995
18. Jam 1991
19. Who Is It 1991
20. Gone Too Soon 1990
21. Wanna Be Startin 1983
22. State Of Shock 1984
23. Mama’s Pearl 1971
24. Human Nature 1983
25. Off The Wall 1980
26. Butterflies 2002
27. Dirty Diana 1988
28. Everybody 1980
29. Dancing Machine 1974
30. I Want You Back 1970
31. Got To Be There 1971
32. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough 1979
33. In The Closet 1992
34. Little Bitty Pretty One 1972
35. Never Can Say Goodbye 1971
36. Rockin’ Robin 1972
37. Another Part Of Me 1988
38. Lovely One 1980
39. Corner Of The Sky 1972
40. Sugar Daddy 1972
41. Heartbreak Hotel 1981
42. Enjoy Yourself 1977
43. Get It Together 1973
44. Torture 1973
45. Leave Me Alone 1987
46. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus 1970
47. The Love You Save 1970
48. Darling Dear 1970
49. Give Love on Christmas Day 1970
50. Nobody 1969

Conclusion: The 50 Best Michael Jackson Songs of All Time

On the whole, this world lost a legendary and adroit singer. He had won 26 American Music Awards, 13 Grammy Awards, and also 16 World Music Awards. Without a doubt, his album inspired many youngsters. Definitely, Michael’s songs and unique dances are incomparable with others. He may die, but his songs and dancing moves cannot be destroyed by anyone.

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